Thursday, October 9, 2014


  The last couple days, I have been eating way better than the first day. I even ate a burrito... Well, not with the tortilla... The tortilla kept on getting stuck to the roof of my mouth, so I had to just eat the beans and cheese with a spoon. Then I threw the tortilla away. How nice of me...

 Having the expander turned only hurts for a little bit. It just feels very tight. My mom gave me some ibuprofen to stop the pain. She did it before hand, to let the medicine settle.

 I played with some friends and told them that I might sound kind of funny, and that I had this device in my mouth. They didn't seem to care for the rest of the day.
                                                                                                         See how so many people you know don't care about those kind of things?! That's a true friend.

Oh, by the way, my orthodontist has a pumpkin making contest every year! These are all of the pumpkins. Q: Can you guess which one I picked to vote on?!  


A: I picked the penguin!!!


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