Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Getting Impressions...

We just got home from the orthodontist and they took impressions of my teeth! Okay, so they had me pick a flavor, I picked orange, and they made up this weird mixture of this thingy that looks like bubblegum. They took my spacers out. Then they filled this weird plate thing that looks like a horseshoe. They stuck it into the bottom of my mouth first. I couldn't swallow for a very long time. I had to wait for the stuff to harden for them to pull it out. THEN, they did my top... This time my mouth got dry and I longed to swallow very badly. But I couldn't. I was VERY happy when they took it out. The lady that that helped me was very nice about it.

 She had to give me a plastic bag for me to spit out the little pieces that got stuck to my tongue. Then I had to wash my mouth out with water at the brushing station. One good thing is that I got to have frozen yogurt when it was over. It was chocolate-mint flavored. The orthodontist has his own frozen yogurt machine in his office to help soothe the patients' mouths. 

I go back on Monday to get my palate expander put in! I cannot explain in words how nervous I am...


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